Thursday, February 15, 2018

Technology Breakthrough

I had already heard o most of these technologies.
I'll probably look into gene therapy, since this has become a moral issue within certain moral circles, anything that has anything to do with the alteration of infants, whether it be a fetus or a single cell seem to spark outrage among people, even if the altercation can improve the quality of life for the infant. Maybe it is because people are scared of being rendered objectively obsolete but anyway I digress.
I don't think that any of the technologies presented will be going away anytime soon, they are all too important and have too many benefits to stop being pursued.  I think that the impact of botnets is going to increase within the next couple of years, as technology gets more powerful and the usefulness of these bots increase. we've already seen an increase in botnets since bit mining became a thing, who can really predict what else in the future these nets will be able to accomplish.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Internet and IP adresses

1 a set of guidelines for implementing networking communications between  computers
2 the number assigned to a particular pc or device that gets connected to the internet
3 the network connects to backbone routers which connect to LAN routers that can be chained further.
4 32 bits
4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses 
6 IPv6 has more bits and combinations for unique computer addresses
7 because we are running out of unique IP addresses with the current system
8 an IP packet is a small piece of data that is bundled in a group, and when all the packets get put together they make up a file or image
9 an IP address is your computer address where IP packets are sent to you. and IP packets is the pieces of information that you send to other IP addresses
10 DNS is the decentralized naming systems for computers, services, and other resources connected to the internet or private network.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

tech blog

Article one - companies sell off your data to  get money even though they are giving out free apps and services, whether the companies keep your data or not is entirely up to them and you have very little say in what information they are actually able to take from you. Even when you block companies from using location data (from apple's pop up) the only thing you are actually preventing is them using your data to  improve your in app experience they still take your data and sell it off regardless of if you say they can or not.

Article Two - It is very easy for anyone from any background criminal or not to be able to send you targeted add that mine  record your location. even someone who stays online smartly without interacting with any malicious content can still fall victim to these adds and have their location harvested. Also sending targeted ads to people is something anyone can do (given they have approx 1000 dollars o spend).

Article Three -  This blog was about how using location tracking in apps can also be useful as well as negative to people, positives would be the ability to send your location to those who need to meet up with you, for example if your injured and you need urgent help the police or ambulance could come to your location. while other apps like snap chat and Instagram give your location away other people even if you didn't want them too

Opinions - In my personal opinion, privacy has always been an illusion. I think that the location tracking of anyone is a good idea as long as that technology in managed in a reasonable way, for example only having the government to access it scout out suspicious individuals, I never really minded the government being able to look into people privacy but I think that it becomes unethical or immoral when companies and the average Joe is allowed to do it.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017



- helps to keep track of kids, more than 2000 kids are reported missing in the US each day
- identification digital data like drivers licence and credit card can be stored on a microchip, meaning you'll never have to worry about forgetting it

- bodily migration, it is possible for chips to move through your body after they have been impanted
- Long term effects, nobody knows what happens when your body is exposed to implants long term, eventually your body could reject the implants.
- Data leaks, If all your information is on one chip in a readable form then hackeress will will have no problem getting all your personal data.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Everyday algorithm

1e. peel an  orange

1. pick up the orange
2. use your thumb to make a hole in the skin of the orange
3. place your thumb gently in the hole
4. gently put your thumb under the skin and pull back
5. tug on loose skin removing it from the fruit